Fairdata service components

Fairdata Services are an interoperable set of tools for data storage, dataset metadata creation, dataset dissemination and distribution as well as digital preservation of selected research materials.

IDA research data storage service provides researchers with reliable storage space for research data. As the files are “frozen”, technical metadata about the files is generated in Metax metadata repository, and the files can be made parts of datasets.

Qvain is a metadata creation tool. With Qvain, datasets are described so that it can be published. As a user of IDA service, you can easily refer to your files while creating metadata. The finalized metadata records will be published in Etsin.

Etsin is a research dataset finder that helps you find and access research datasets. In addition to metadata about datasets created by Qvain, it harvests metadata from external data resources.  In the background of Etsin, there is also a system for applying for and granting permits to use restricted access datasets.

Metax is a metadata resource for research data operating in the background of IDA, Qvain, Etsin and Fairdata PAS. Most of the file transfers between the components are made available via Metax.

Digital Preservation Service for Research Data takes care of the digital preservation of research outputs. Digital preservation is the reliable storage of digital information for tens or even hundreds of years. There is an admin service to manage the path to preservation and a packaging service that builds Submission Information Packages that will be sent in preservation. DP Service for Research Data is integrated so that it can easily exploit files in IDA, and metadata in Metax.