Qvain – Research Dataset Metadata Tool

Visible and Usable with Quality Metadata

Metadata of a research dataset makes it visible: it is through metadata that the dataset is found and first assessed. Metadata also explains the requirements and terms of proper use and re-use of the data. The longer the life cycle of a dataset, the more important, exhaustive and lucid metadata becomes.

Metadata Tool Qvain will be launched in the beginning of 2019.

Qvain aims to keep metadata creation simple and uniform.

When the description is finalized in Qvain, it may be sent to the Metax metadata repository and thus be made public in Etsin, the research data finder.

Qvain exploits a data model that has been designed for the Fairdata services. The data model is available here: https://tietomallit.suomi.fi/model/mrd/.

At the moment, use of Qvain requires HAKA user credentials. Other authentication options will become available later.

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