Quick Guide for Publishing Data

Fairdata Services are integrated services for storing, sharing and publishing research data. Fairdata services are offered free-of-charge for research done in Finnish higher education institutions and research institutes. Read more from Fairdata terms and polices.

How to publish your dataset with Fairdata

  • 1. Create a CSC user account (If you haven’t got one yet)
  • 2. Use IDA to store your data (Optional step. Instead of using IDA to store your data, you can add an URL to data in any remote resource, but then you can only get a URN identifier for you dataset, not DOI. You can also publish only the metadata of your dataset, without any link to the actual data. )
  • 3. Describe and publish your data with the Qvain tool (or Metax API)
    • Create a dataset description, include either files from IDA or from remote resource. Mandatory metadata includes the title, description, license, access rights, publication date, keywords, author and publisher. When including data from IDA, you have the flexibility to make your data openly available for everyone or to restrict the access to the data as needed. Publish your dataset.
  • 4. Visit Etsin to view your published dataset

    • Visit your dataset’s landing page. Note the persistent identifier (DOI or URN). You’ll need it when you reference the dataset.

When using Fairdata IDA to store and publish your data, please note, that a CSC project using IDA needs to have a project manager with an active user account at all times. The project manager can be a researcher, or e.g. the organisation’s research services staff member. The project manager of the CSC project can be changed when needed.

The persistent identifier and landing page of the published dataset remain in Etsin regardless of data availability or storage location.

Useful tips

User support

User support is available at servicedesk@csc.fi