AVAA – Open Data Publishing Platform

AVAA is an open data publishing platform for research data. AVAA furthers the availability of research data in different disciplines.

Anyone can access and use the data on the AVAA platform. AVAA offers applications for the use of open data, such as downloading and analysis by means of different visualizations.

Adding new datasets and applications to the AVAA service takes place at the expense of the customer (starting from 1.1.2021). Applications can be implemented by customers themselves or in cooperation with CSC. The maintenance of the service is subject to a fee and the costs are agreed between the customer and CSC annually in accordance with CSC’s service price list in force at the time.

You can request that your dataset and application be hosted in the renewed AVAA portal by contacting servicedesk@csc.fi.

Go to AVAA applications:

  • Paituli – Spatial data download service
  • SmartSMEAR – Visualization and download tool for the SMEAR (Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations) research stations of the University of Helsinki

Old AVAA applications, not available in AVAA any more after 31st December 2020:

All available source codes can be found under AVAA in GitHub.

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AVAA is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.