Become an IDA user – who is IDA for?

If you operate under a Finnish higher education institution or state research institute and you want to store research data, you can apply for IDA storage space from your home organisation. See instructions on how to apply for IDA storage space.

Your organisation’s IDA contact person will process your application and can help you to decide if IDA is the right choice for your data. If your organisation has no named contact person, please check the status of IDA usage from your organisation’s data support/research services. See the list of IDA contact persons in organisations (eduuni wiki).

The storage space granted by your home organisation can be utilized as long as the Terms of Use are met. Please note, that the CSC project using IDA needs to have a project manager with an active user account at all times. The project manager can be a researcher, or e.g. the organisation’s research services staff member.

IDA from organisation perspective

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (Minedu) offers the right to use the research data storage service IDA to the Finnish higher education institutions and research institutes. Minedu can grant the right to use IDA directly, separately from the aforementioned organisational use rights. The full use policy is available at “Terms and Policies” (in Finnish).

Each organisation has a use right and quota in IDA service (IDA quotas by organisation). Organisations can apply to increase their IDA quota, if needed. Instructions are in IDA’s Use Policy (in Finnish).

If you wish to name an IDA contact person for your organisation (Finnish higher education institution or a state research institute), please see information for IDA contact persons in eduuni wiki (in Finnish).