Qvain Quick Start Guide

Qvain is used to describe datasets by offering a simple form to fill-in and save metadata. This is a quick guide to start using Qvain. The full user guide is available at https://www.fairdata.fi/en/user-guides/qvain-user-guide/.

Create a new dataset

  1. Log in to the service at qvain.fairdata.fi.
  2. Click ‘Create dataset’ to start creating a new dataset.

A screencapture of the user interface. "Create dataset" and "Create a new dataset" buttons are marked with red.

  1. Fill in the form. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

TipYou can save the dataset as a draft before publishing it. When you save a dataset as a draft, you can preview it as a user logged in to Fairdata services in Etsin without it being visible to others.

Publish dataset

Click “Publish” at the botton of the page to publish your dataset. After publication, your dataset will be publically visible in Etsin (etsin.fairdata.fi) and a persistent identifier has been created for it (you can choose either URN or DOI). Use this identifier when sharing your dataset to, for example, a website, publication, or other service. The identifier of your dataset can be found in the “Identifier” field in Etsin. 

Edit dataset

To edit the dataset, click “Edit” next to the dataset you wish to edit in the dataset list on Qvain’s front page.

A screen capture of the user interface. "Edit" button is marked with red.

You can publish the changes made or save them as a draft. Changes to a dataset saved as a draft will be visible only to you when logged in to Etsin, whereas published changes appear in Etsin publicly to all users.

Read more from Qvain User Guide.

If you have any questions about the service or any of its features, please contact Qvain’s support at servicedesk@csc.fi.