Qvain User Guide



Qvain tool can be found at qvain.fairdata.fi, and it can also be accessed via Etsin’s Create/edit datasets button.

Qvain frontpage lists all your own datasets in a brief view and let’s you access one of these or create a new dataset.


You need to log in in order to use Qvain. If you are not logged in, Qvain’s front page will auto-redirect you into the authentication service.

In order to use Log in you need to be registered as a CSC customer. After registration you can log-in to Qvain with either Haka ID or CSC account.

If you don’t have a CSC customer account yet, you can register one in CSC’s Customer portal at my.csc.fi.

IDA, Qvain and Etsin use a common single sign-on/sign-off (SSO) service. This means that you will log in to all of these Fairdata services when logging in once through IDA, Qvain or Etsin. Similarly, logging out will log you out of all of the above services.


Create a new blank form by clicking “Create dataset” on the front page.

Fields in Qvain


Click Publish to make sure your job is saved and published. After publishing you can check from Etsin (etsin.fairdata.fi) how the dataset looks like and come back to continue editing it.


Datasets’ metadata published by Qvain are automatically CC0 licenced. You can however define your own licence for the data itself, this is done in “Licence” field of Qvain.


You can edit the metadata of published dataset. By clicking “Edit” the chosen dataset is opened into an editor view and you can modify the fields.

IMPORTANT! BE CAREFUL when adding / removing files: if you published a dataset without any files, you can add them once. After that EVERY addition / removal will result to a new version of a dataset to be created.


You can see your own datasets in Own Datasets view.