Take care of your research data

Taking care of your  research data is an essential part of good scientific practice. The Fairdata services enable verifiable and reproducible science and secure preservation of digital research outputs.

IDA - Store

IDA provides safe storage for research data. IDA Service More information on IDA

Etsin - Find

Etsin is a research data finder that contains descriptive information – metadata – on research datasets. Anyone may browse and use the metadata. Etsin Service | More information on Etsin

Qvain - Describe

Qvain metadata tool helps to add metadata that fulfills the minimum requirements for digital preservation. Quality metadata keeps the data findable and linkable and ensures that Fairdata services are  interoperable. Qvain Service | More information on Qvain

Digital Preservation Service for Research Data - Preserve

Digital Preservation Service for Research Data takes care of the digital preservation of research outputs. Digital preservation is the reliable storage of digital information for tens or even hundreds of years. More information

Change Log | 5.5.2020

2020-05-05: Updates to Etsin, Metax and Qvain Light services

The latest releases of Etsin and Qvain Light services have the following fixes / improvements: […]

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DOI in Fairdata

Fairdata Service provides persistent identifiers and landing pages for all datasets published in Fairdata. In […]

Change Log | 18.3.2020

2020-03-18: Updates to IDA service and CLI tools

The latest release of the IDA service brings a number of fixes and improvements: Support […]