News | 4.2.2022

New functionality in Qvain, sharing editing rights, will be launched on 10.2.2022

The much-requested functionality of sharing dataset editing rights with other users will be launched on […]

News | 1.7.2021

IDA Terms of Use and Use Policy will be updated 1.7.2021

The Research data storage service IDA’s Terms of Use and Use Policy will be updated. […]

News | 31.3.2021

Metadata from Metax to the National Research Information Hub

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. is building a National Research Information Hub at […]

News | 7.12.2020

Openness award to Metsähovi Radio Observatory which utilizes Fairdata services for publishing data

The national steering group for Open Science and Research has awarded the Metsähovi Radio Observatory […]

News | 4.11.2020

Fairdata to use a single description tool

Fairdata-services have moved onto using single Qvain tool in November 4th 2020. The change was […]

News | 8.9.2020

Fairdata metadata tools to be unified to use single Qvain tool in November 2020

Fairdata services will move onto using a single Qvain metadata tool during the end of […]

News | 5.5.2020

DOI in Fairdata

Fairdata Service provides persistent identifiers and landing pages for all datasets published in Fairdata. In […]

News | 28.1.2020

Old Etsin ( closed

As informed in October (, we planned to close Old Etsin ( by the end […]

News | 16.1.2020

How do the Fairdata services help you? See our new video!

 Taking care of your research data is an essential part of good scientific practice. […]