Digital Preservation Service for Research Data

What does digital preservation mean?

Digital preservation refers to the reliable preservation of digital information for several decades or even centuries. Hardware, software, and file formats will become outdated, while the information must be preserved. Reliable digital preservation requires active monitoring of information integrity and anticipation of various risks. Metadata, which describes for example the information content, provenance information and how the content can be used, has a key role in this.

Preserving research data

Digital Preservation Service for Research Data (DPS for Research Data) is meant for preserving research data. Fairdata services enable quality management, safe storing and findability of research data and their metadata. The ownership of the data remains with the organizations through the entire preservation period. Organization that has preserved research data in the DPS can get the data back.

CSC produces centralized Digital Preservation Services owned by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Read more about the DPS.

CSC also produces the Digital Preservation Service for preserving cultural heritage resources. The services have common specifications and therefore this website often refers to website.


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