Becoming a partner organisation with the DPS

Selecting research data for preservation

Digital preservation is intended for data that have long-term value to the organization or nationally. Organizations assess themselves which research data needs to be preserved. In addition to the fact that the original use of the content should be research, the assessment should consider, for example:

      • Reuse of the data
      • Resources that have been spent on producing data
      • The data has been produced as part of research that would be difficult, expensive or impossible to replicate
      • The data is otherwise of national or organizational significance.

The Ministry of Education and Culture (Minedu) grants access to DPS for Research Data and makes preservation agreement on the organization’s request. The preservation agreement determines the set of data (also called purpose of use) to which access is granted, as well as the capacity reserved for it from the DPS.

In order to succeed, Digital Preservation Services define the conditions associated with the preservation of data. The organization must take care of, among other things:

      • Metadata are sufficient and guarantee comprehensibility.
      • The File Formats specification ensures that the formats used are sufficiently transparent to ensure digital preservation and comprehensibility of data content.
      • There are no ethical or legal problems with the research data, such as unresolved copyright or identifiability issues.
      • The data must follow Metadata Requirements and Preparing Content for Digital Preservation DPS support helps with the preparation, packaging and transfer of data.

Becoming a partner organization with the DPS

More information about DPS for Research Data service contract and service privacy

Contracts and privacy

Digital Preservation dataset management

Organizations can manage their datasets’ digital preservation process via (PAS hallintaliittymä). For access and management rights, please contact pas-support (a)


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