Apply for IDA storage space

The IDA storage space is applied and granted to a CSC project, and the users associated with the same project share a common IDA storage space. The same project can have members from multiple organisations and also collaborators from abroad. To use the IDA service, you will need a CSC user account and then either create a new project or be added as a member to an existing project.

The projects are created in CSC’s (Service Producer) customer portal MyCSC. When you create a new project, you become the project manager. The project manager applies for IDA storage space for the project, and decides who are members of the project and thus have access to its IDA storage space. Read about the Prerequisites and Responsibilities for a Project Manager. See also IDA’s Terms of Use for a Project Manager.

Instructions for applying for IDA research storage

1. If you do not already have a CSC user account, please register a user account with Haka or Virtu in MyCSC ( Read CSC Docs for detailed registration instructions. If you don’t have Haka/Virtu, contact servicedesk (a) to register (applies for some of the state research institutes).
2. Create a CSC project in MyCSC. Select Academic as the project type.
3. Apply for IDA storage for your project. Go to the My Projects view from the left side menu, and select the project you want to apply for IDA storage space.
4. From the project’s Services menu, select IDA and then select Apply for access. (See picture of selecting IDA in the project view.)
5. Fill out the IDA application form. Under Storage Quota Owner, select your home organisation. If your home organisation is part of the Tampere universities, choose “Tampere university” from the dropdown menu.

Fill in the applied storage quota in gigabytes in the Applied Storage Quota field, by entering a number only in GiB. Read and accept the Terms of Use of the service. (See picture of the IDA application form.) The IDA contact person in the organisation that you have selected will process your application. They will be provided with your contact details (name and email address) along with your application so that they can ask for more details, if needed. Note: you can later apply for more (or less) IDA storage quota for your project in the same Services menu, by selecting the gear icon on the right side of IDA service name.

6. You will receive an email confirmation after the organisation’s IDA contact person has approved your application (usually within a few working days). After the application has been approved, you can log in to the service at or use IDA’s command line tools.

See the quick start guide and the full user guide for help. When you’re ready to publish your stored data as a research dataset, see the Qvain user quide.

IMPORTANT: Renew your CSC account password annually when requested to keep your projects and their service access active. If you wish to change the project manager, open a locked user account, or stop using the IDA service, please contact servicedesk (a)

Adding members to an existing CSC Project and its IDA storage space

As the project manager, you can add users to your project and thus give access to the project’s shared IDA storage space. This can be done in MyCSC, after the new user has first registered a CSC user account.
1. Log in to CSC’s customer portal MyCSC at
2. In MyCSC, go to My Projects view from left side menu and select the CSC Project you want to add the user to.
3. Click on the Manage button under Members. If the User that you wish to add is from the same organisation as you, you can now simply fill in their CSC account name and click Add. The invited user will get an email notification informing them of their CSC Project membership. If the User from another organisation, you can create an invitation link for them to use. To generate a link, click on the Invite button under Members. After the invited User has used the link, remember to log in MyCSC again to approve their CSC Project membership.

The project manager can also remove CSC Project members in the project view by clicking on Manage and then Remove members. Select the members you wish to remove and confirm the removal by clicking Remove selected. Removing the CSC Project membership also removes their access to the project’s IDA storage space.

The project manager can also apply for a project membership for a collaborator.

Instructions for a new project member

Once the user has created a CSC user account, and the project manager has added them as a project member, the new member still needs to accept the IDA service Terms of Use in the project details view, under the Services menu. Read CSC Docs instructions on how to accept the service terms of use. (See picture of accepting IDA’s terms of use in the project detail view.)

The project member will receive an email confirmation after accepting the Terms of Use. IMPORTANT: The project member needs to renew their CSC account password annually when requested to keep their CSC account and its service access active.

After you have published your project’s data

If you wish to continue using IDA as the storage location for your published research dataset, but you don’t want to act as the project manager anymore and you don’t wish to upload new data, please contact your home organisation’s IDA contact person to discuss your options. See the list of IDA contact persons here. To continue storing the data in IDA, the CSC project associated with the data needs to be kept active even when the data is published, but the project manager of the CSC project can be changed. In order to store and utilize the data independently of the original creators of the dataset, it’s essential that the data stored in IDA is well-documented, it’s findable in Etsin, the project members have agreed upon the rights regarding the data, and the data is licensed enabling further use. Note that the IDA Terms of Use require the users to publish one or more dataset descriptions of their data stored in the IDA service such that the dataset descriptions are accessible in the Fairdata Etsin service.

If the IDA storage space is no longer needed, the project manager must notify CSC at servicedesk (a) and agree upon the deletion of the stored data with CSC. The users are responsible for moving the data for their own use to another storage location.

CSC does not delete data that has been uploaded by users in accordance with the terms of use from the service without consulting the project manager or the organisation that has granted the IDA storage space.

If you have questions, please contact us at servicedesk (a), 09 457 2821.