Training information

On this page you will find information on upcoming trainings related to Fairdata services and general data management. Fairdata services include services for all phases of the research process: storage, finding, description, publication and long-term storage.

Preliminary information about trainings

We give webinars on Fairdata services and workshops on topics of research data management. We´ll announce the timetables of the autumn trainings after the summer holidays.


The Elements of FAIR

This video series goes through each FAIR principle and explains what they mean as simple as possible.

The Elements of FAIR – Findable

The Elements of FAIR – Accessible

The Elements of FAIR – Interoperable


Webinar/video series: Manage well and get preserved!

The whole tutorial video series of Manage well and get preserved

The videos are intended for data support personnel and researchers who are interested in digital preservation. The videos are published on the  Materials -page.


More information

Contact for Fairdata related trainings: paivi.rauste (a)