IDA – Research data storage service

Welcome to the renewed IDA service!

IDA is a continuous service for safe research data storage organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The service is offered free of charge to Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, research institutes as well as projects and researchers funded by the Academy of Finland. IDA is part of the Fairdata services and enables storing and sharing research data. Data stored in IDA can be described as a dataset, published, and opened for others to download utilizing the other Fairdata services, which will soon be available for users.

Research data storage service IDA enables storing data during the active phase of the research, sharing data within the project group, storing the data in an immutable state and publishing the data as a described research dataset. Using the service, users can freeze the data, which makes it immutable. After that, users can publish the data using other Fairdata services. Before publishing the data, users can add descriptive information (metadata) to it with the coming metadata tool Qvain. A dataset published with Qvain gets a persistent identifier and a landing page. The published dataset can be found with the renewed research data finder Etsin. The files in the published dataset can be set as openly downloadable or downloadable only with a use permission. It’s also possible to publish only the dataset metadata.

The IDA research data storage was renewed in summer 2018. The renewed service provides new functionalities for users and an intuitive user experience for file hosting and management. The renewed IDA service can be found at IDA can be used either with a user friendly browser UI or command line tools. More information in the user guide.

IDA is meant for storing stable research data, which can be constructed and described as research datasets. The service is not optimized for data under heavy usage (e.g. computing disk data, data used in web applications) or constantly changing data (e.g. daily data backup). The service is not suitable for storing sensitive personal data or biometric identifiers.

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IDA is a service organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture to actors within the Finnish research system. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

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