Fairdata IDA – Research Data Storage Service Terms of Use

Effective as of July 1 2021 | Download PDF | Change history

These are the terms of use for the Fairdata IDA Research Data Storage Service (“Service”). Fairdata IDA is part of the Fairdata services (https://www.fairdata.fi/). Fairdata services are organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and produced by CSC – IT Center for Science (“CSC”). Please note that General Terms of Use for CSC’s Services for Research and Education also apply. The Fairdata services are available to the research community in accordance with the applicable use policy.

The project user is a person, who has been granted user access to the Service, a CSC account and password, and project membership.

The Project Manager is the project user in charge of a specific CSC Project (“Project”). A Project Manager shall meet the Prerequisites and Responsibilities for a Project Manager as well as the terms of use specified below.

Project Manager terms of use

  • The Project Manager shall be fully entitled to make all decisions relevant concerning the data of the project stored in the Service on behalf of the project users. CSC reserves the right to inform users of any decisions made by the Project Manager concerning data and access rights to data.
  • The Project Manager shall ensure that the project users have accepted that the data stored in the Service is available to all project users.
  • The Project Manager shall always be able to identify the legal owner of the data stored in the Service.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for keeping his/her CSC account valid for example by updating the account password when requested. The expiration of the Project Manager’s CSC account may lead to termination of the project’s Service access.
  • If the Project manager’s CSC account is expired and CSC cannot contact the Project Manager with reasonable effort, CSC can contact the Project Manager’s home organisation to find a new Project Manager or to get permission to remove project and its data from the Service, when the Service is used based on quota granted by the home organisation.

Project user terms of use

  • The user shall use store only research data and materials related to it to the Service. Storing other data to the Service can be considered as unauthorized use and may lead to the termination of the project’s right to use the Service.
  • The user accepts that the data transferred to the Service is in the storage service only after it has been marked to be stored (“Frozen”) in the Service.
  • The user agrees to publish one or more dataset descriptions of their data stored in the Service such that the dataset descriptions are accessible in the Fairdata Etsin service.
  • The user accepts that metadata related to Frozen data stored in the Service are available to other Fairdata services, so that project members can include Frozen data metadata as part of a published dataset description.
  • The user accepts that all project members can make the Frozen data and related dataset description publicly accessible in the Fairdata Etsin service.
  • The user shall not use the Service to store data that includes special categories of personal data, as specified in Article 9 of the EU GDPR “Processing of special categories of personal data” (http://www.privacy-regulation.eu/en/9.htm).