Fairdata demo environment

The Fairdata demo environment is intended for temporary testing and demoing of the Fairdata Services.

With the Fairdata service demo credentials, you can test storing and freezing data in the demo version of the Fairdata IDA service (ida.demo.fairdata.fi), describe the frozen data with the demo version of the Fairdata Qvain tool (qvain.demo.fairdata.fi), and view and download published datasets with the demo version of the Fairdata Etsin (etsin.demo.fairdata.fi). With the demo version of Fairdata Qvain, you can also practice describing datasets, which do not include data or the data is stored outside the Fairdata services.

In the demo environment, you can also practice using the Metax End User API interface (metax.demo.fairdata.fi).

You can request separate demo credentials, which can be used to practice transferring datasets into the demo version of the Digital Preservation Service for Research Data.

The Fairdata demo environment does not persistently store any data or metadata, and it does not mint and assign actual persistent identifiers for datasets.

When trying out the Fairdata demo environment, you can use the Fairdata user guides where applicable.

Service level & availability

The Fairdata demo environment has a lower availability target than the production environment (best effort availability). The data contained in the demo environment can be deleted at any time. The functionality of the Fairdata demo environment in whole or in part is not guaranteed.

Getting access

The Fairdata demo environment is available on the Internet. The environment is targeted to Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, Finnish state research institutes and their collaborators, according to the Fairdata Use Policies. The Fairdata demo environment is used with demo credentials that can be requested via CSC’s customer service (servicedesk@csc.fi). A short description of the purpose of use and the time during which they are needed needs to be attached to the request. The demo credentials are utilized via CSC Login. The credentials are valid for the agreed period of time, which is a maximum of 2 weeks. After the validity of the credentials expires, the data related to them in the Fairdata demo environment may be deleted, and the credentials may no longer be used to log in to the services.

User’s responsibilities

Users must not transfer personal information or content that is not intended to be publicly viewed by anyone to the Fairdata demo environment. The user is responsible for ensuring that the content he stores or transmits through the Fairdata demo environment complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Contact information

CSC customer support
Weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4 PM