Fairdata benefits

Taking care of your  research data is an essential part of good scientific practice. Fairdata services are made to ease this task. Get familiar with the Fairdata services with the video above read the text version of the video.

The Fairdata services consists of separate but interoperable services that support the data discovery, data storing and data management. Services are provided for data management, describing metadata, and safe storage, as well as digital preservation over decades, technology cycles and research projects. In the background of the services, the user is provided with metadata passage between services, the single sign-on to the services and the smooth transition between separate services.

Services provide many benefits. The data is  safely stored for further use and reuse and data has persistent identifiers for references. Sharing data and  finding data for one’s own use is easy.  Meeting the research funders’ requirements of openness is easy  by using Fairdata services.