2019-10-16: Updates to IDA service and CLI tools

The latest release of the IDA service brings a number of new features and improvements:

  • The performance of the service is noticeably improved; the maximum number of files that can be included in one freezing, unfreezing or delete action is now 5000.
  • Notification icons are now provided in the top navigation bar when there are pending actions, failed actions, or if a project is in a suspended (locked) state.
  • It is now possible to copy files or folders from one location in staging to another, or from the frozen area to staging. Copying is also supported via the CLI tools using the new ‘copy’ action (see the CLI tools documentation for details).
  • It is now possible to define locale preferences in the personal settings.
  • Temporary share links can now have notes associated with them, which are then available to those with whom the link is shared; and it is now possible to prohibit downloading of files via temporary share links.
  • The UI has a number of refreshments in the look and feel, and has improved support for accessibility.

See the user guide for further details.

Note also the following minor changes to previous functionality and appearance:

  • Temporary share links will expire in exactly 90 days, and the period can no longer be shortened.
  • It is no longer possible to clear failed actions, only to retry them.
  • The layout of the personal settings views have changed slightly.
  • The layout for defining temporary share links has changed from a form to a pull down menu of options.

The update may have included changes to the web UI which some browsers may not refresh and reload automatically. If you experience unusual behavior, we advise you to flush your browser cache and cookies.