2020-10-06: Updates to Etsin, Qvain Light and Metax

The latest releases of Etsin, Qvain Light and Metax include the following changes and improvements:

Both Qvain Light and Etsin:

  • Separate domains for Etsin and Qvain Light (etsin.fairdata.fi & qvain-light.fairdata.fi)
  • Active user is now displayed in the navigation bar
  • Added footer with external links such as accessibility statements
  • Added cookie notification, displayed upon first page visit

Qvain Light:

  • New landing page (qvain-light.fairdata.fi)
  • New field in Qvain, producer project
  • New, separate navigation bar for Qvain
  • Publisher marked as mandatory in all cases
  • Related resource is now a required field when adding provenance
  • When selecting a value in a multiselect field (such as language), the selected value is added instantly and no longer requires a separate, additional “Add” click
  • Various smaller bug fixes


  • Info button is now enabled for all dataset files, not only for open dataset files
  • Various smaller bug fixes


  • POST /rest/files/datasets -endpoint is modified by adding parameters ?keys=datasets, ?keys=files and ?keysonly=bool
  • Old ‘tut.fi’ and ‘uta.fi’ email-addresses and organization name are changed to ‘tuni.fi
  • Domain references are updated
  • Various bug fixes