2021-02-02: Updates to Etsin, Qvain and Metax


  • New download functionality added to Data-tab of datasets
    • Folders and full dataset downloads need generation of download package prior to downloading
  • Improved the Identifier section of Etsin dataset page to make copying identifier more responsive
  • Various bug fixes


  • Support for drafts
    • Datasets can be drafted before publishing them
    • Drafts can be saved and previewed in Etsin before publishing
  • Simplified IDA-file selection in Files-section
  • Added buttons to end of the dataset form to save dataset as draft and publish them
  • Automatically opens the dataset description/title in the localization it was provided
  • Various bug fixes


  • Support for DOI as preferred identifier (in case of Metax API usage)
  • Support for bulk delete of datasets via API
  • Enable V2 API endpoints
  • Various bug fixes