2021-06-01: Updates to Etsin, Qvain and Metax

The latest releases of Etsin, Qvain and Metax include the following changes and improvements:


  • Added support for command line downloads
    • wget, cURL and URL commands for downloading are available for each download by clickin the button next to “Download” text
  • Added support to request email notifications when the download package is ready and download can be started via Etsin
    • Notification can be requested when the download package generation is initiated
  • Small bug fixes


  • Updated most of the Qvain user interface texts and guidance
  • Fixed issue where missing translation for license led to an error
  • Fixed issue where adding DPS metadata for files led to an error
  • Small bug fixes


  • Added support for REST API to query for legacy-datasets
  • Updated documentation
  • Small bug fixes