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On this page you will find information on upcoming trainings related to Fairdata services and general data management. A new, integrated service package Fairdata services includes services for all phases of the research process: storage, finding, description, publication and long-term storage.

Preliminary information about trainings in 2020

We give webinars on Fairdata services and topics of research data management.

FAIR data stewardship course 26.10.-30.11.2020

Welcome to the third Nordic course on “FAIR data stewardship”.

The course will run over five weeks (equivalent to 5 days) and will provide the much needed foundational skills for competent data stewards and data managers in the Nordic countries with knowledge of the FAIR principles and their application. The course will be held by trainers from Phortos Consultants and provides a broad, but fairly technical introduction to data stewardship. Exercises and assignments will be included to allow participants hands-on experience and assignments to help identify knowledge gaps. The event is organised by NeIC in collaboration with CSC in Finland, SND and SNIC in Sweden.

More information and registration

Please remember to choose Finland as a country, the fee will then be 5300 NOK (gives a discount with 3200 NOK, subsidied by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture) for the Finnish participants.

Webinar: Qvain-kuvailutyökalun toiminnallisuudet (in Finnish)

Aika: 3.12.2020 klo 10:00

Qvain ja Qvain Light -kuvailutyökalut yhdistyvät suunnitellun aikataulun mukaisesti syksyllä. Muutoksen myötä käyttöön jää vain yksi Qvain, joka perustuu ulkoasultaan ja käytettävyydeltään jo nykyisin käytössä olevaan Qvain Light-versioon.

Tässä webinaarissa käymme läpi Qvaimen toiminnallisuuksia ja viimeisimpiä muutoksia.

Esiintyjä: Joonas Nikkanen, CSC

Zoom-linkki webinaariin:

Webinar/video series: Manage well and get preserved!

Webinar (11.9.2020) ”Research data management and digital preservation” was the first in this series of digital preservation. We will continue with the videos and materials with the following themes:

  • Open formats and data quality (publication day 5.11.2020)
  • PIDs
  • Metadata standards
  • Managing files and file naming
  • Checksums

The videos are intended for data support personnel and researchers who are interested in digital preservation. The videos will be published on the  Materials -page.


More information

Contact for Fairdata related trainings: paivi.rauste (a)