Use of cookies in the Fairdata services

The information about cookies on this page applies to all Fairdata services.

What are cookies and what kind of information is collected with them?

When you visit a Fairdata service, cookies store data about your visit. A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores on the visitor’s device. Only first party cookies are used by the Fairdata services.

For what purposes are cookies and the information associated with them used?

The Fairdata services use only necessary cookies. Without these necessary cookies, the Fairdata services would not be able to provide secure login.

In accordance with the Information Society Code (917/2014), cookie data used on this site is used in such a way that the user’s protection of privacy is not violated. Cookie identification is not used to link site visitors to personal data or contact details. Cookies are not used for reviewing or copying data on a visitor’s terminal device.

How long are cookies stored?

Cookies which are associated with cookie notification acknowledgement, language and similar user preferences are stored until you explicitly delete them from your browser. Cookies which are associated with login sessions are deleted when you explicitly log out, and are otherwise stored for a maximum period of 24 hours and expire automatically (at which time your browser will automatically delete them).

To whom are cookies shared or data transferred?

Fairdata cookies are accessible only to servers within the domain and (with the exception of cookie notification acknowledgement cookies) are HttpOnly, and thus not accessible to in-browser executed code. The Fairdata services do not share cookies with nor make any cookies accessible to any third parties.

Statement regarding GDPR compliance:

The Fairdata services collect and store (in cookies, logs, or other persistent storage) only the minimum necessary personal data required for the proper functioning of each service and for meeting essential requirements relating to security, quality of service, and customer support. Per the stipulations of the GDPR regarding necessary and anonymized personal data, the collection, storage, and use of said data by the Fairdata services does not require explicit consent by users, nor must users be able to opt out of such collection, storage, and use. The Fairdata services do not share any personal data with any third parties. No “cookie walls” exist for any of the Fairdata services. All practices and policies employed by the Fairdata services with regards to personal data are considered to be in full compliance with the GDPR.

If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of personal data by the Fairdata services, please contact us at