Qvain Light User Guide


You can access Qvain Light via Etsin’s “Add dataset” or just directly going into https://etsin.fairdata.fi/qvain.


You need to log in in order to use Qvain Light. If you are not logged in, Qvain Light’s front page will auto-redirect you into the authentication service.

In order to use Log in you need to be registered as a CSC customer. After registration you can log-in to Qvain Light with either Haka ID or CSC account.

If you don’t have a CSC customer account yet, you can register one in CSC’s Customer portal at my.csc.fi.


Create a new blank form by clicking “Create dataset” on the front page.

Fields in Qvain Light

Title: Title for you dataset (possible to add in Finnish and in English; you must insert a title at least in one language)

Description: Description for your dataset (possible to add in Finnish and in English; you must insert a description at least in one language)

Other Identifiers: If your dataset already has a pid (usually a DOI) you can insert it in here. Note! Qvain Light generates the PID for the dataset – insert the identifier here ONLY if the dataset already has one generated elsewhere.

Field Of Science: Choose one

Keywords: Free-text keywords

Actors: Add at least one creator and one publisher. A curator is not mandatory

    • First select a type of a actor (person or organization)
    • Then select the roles the actor has (you can add multiple)
    • Fill-in the details: organization is mandatory for a person

Access Type: Mandatory field. Specifies how the DATA selected in this dataset can be accessed (not related to the dataset itself)

    • Open: anyone can download the files.
    • Embargo: anyone can download the files starting from the date set as embargo expiration date (the field “Date available” below this dropdown). Before that the files can only be seen but they cannot be downloaded. If you leave the “Date available” empty, the data cannot be accessed at all.
    • Requires applying permission in Fairdata service: in order to download the files, the user needs to apply for permission via Etsin. At the moment this functionality has not yet been implemented into Etsin so for now, this option is similar to “Restricted use” (files cannot be downloaded).
    • Requires login in Fairdata service: files can be downloaded if the user is logged in Etsin. Anonymous users cannot download the files.
    • Restricted use: Files cannot be downloaded.

If any other than “Open” is selected, then “Restriction Grounds” will appear (in that case also mandatory).

If “embargo” is selected, then “expiration date” will appear. The date inserted will specify when the empargo is expired (after that the data can be accessed)

License: Mandatory field.

    • If “Other (URL)” is selected, then “License URL” will appear (in that case also mandatory)

Files or Remote resources

    • You can either select files from IDA projects (from one project per dataset) or add remote resources (as links) to your dataset
    • IMPORTANT: Unfreezing and deleting frozen files in IDA makes all external references to files invalid: if the files are linked to published datasets with Qvain, unfreezing/deleting the files deprecates these datasets permanently.

DOI identifier for your dataset

    • If your dataset has files from IDA project, you can ask a DOI identifier to be generated for your dataset (as a default a URN is generated). To generated the DOI just check the DOI checkbox after you have selected IDA as a data source (checkbox will appear after the selection).


Click Publish to make sure your job is saved and published. After publishing you can check from Etsin (etsin.fairdata.fi) how the dataset looks like and come back to continue editing it.

All the datasets created in Qvain Light are also visible in Qvain and other way around.

If you edit the dataset originally created in Qvain please be aware that Qvain Light will show only part of the data (as Qvain Light has only a limited set of fields in it’s User Interface). All the data created in Qvain will REMAIN in the dataset (Publishing via Qvain Light will not erase the unshown data).

With Qvain Light you are only able to PUBLISH datasets. Saving as a draft is not (at the moment) possible. Also: the drafts saved in Qvain are not visible in Qvain Light.


You can edit the metadata of published dataset. By clicking “Edit” the chosen dataset is opened into an editor view and you can modify the fields.

IMPORTANT! BE CAREFUL when adding / removing files: if you published a dataset without any files, you can add them once. After that EVERY addition / removal will result to a new version of a dataset to be created.


You can see you own datasets (also the ones published from Qvain) in Own Datasets view.