2020-09-01: Updates to Etsin, Qvain Light and Metax

The latest releases of Etsin, Qvain Light and Metax include the following changes and improvements:

Qvain Light:

  • New field added: Provenance
  • New field added: Related resource
  • New field added: Temporal coverage
  • Qvain Light allows more than one license per dataset
  • File metadata related UI improvements
  • The service redirects the user to dataset listing view after publishing a dataset
  • Qvain Light prompts the user to save unsaved changes before navigating elsewhere/reloading
  • Issued date is pre-filled by current date
  • Tool tip and help text added for required fields
  • Qvain Light allows clearing Digital Preservation Service related file metadata
  • Various bug fixes


  • Improvements to Etsin front page usability
  • Issue with single file downloads was fixed
  • Various other bug fixes


  • New preservation state (65)
  • New field added: ‘use_doi_for_published’, which can be modified via API