2020-08-04: Updates to Etsin, Qvain Light and Metax

The latest releases of Etsin, Qvain Light and Metax include the following changes and improvements:

Qvain Light:

  • New field added: Language
  • New field added: Spatial coverage
  • New field added: Infrastructure
  • General UI improvements & refactoring
  • Saving the entire dataset saves all changes in dropdown menus
  • Datasets are grouped by version in the dataset listing view
  • Various bug fixes


  • Dataset citation now includes issued date (instead of modified date)
  • Dataset citation format improved
  • Subject heading now links to KOKO ontology
  • Etsin displays deleted dataset as events in events table
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added support for ‘pagination’ query parameter
  • Parameters file_name and direct_name support for substring search from directories/{pid}/files
  • PAS catalog: Added groups for creating and editing
  • Sorting of files and directories in directory_view
  • Query parameter not_cr_id for directory api
  • Various bug fixes