2020-05-05: Updates to Etsin, Metax and Qvain Light services

The latest releases of Etsin and Qvain Light services have the following fixes / improvements:


  • Url metax.fairdata.fi redirected to metax.fairdata.fi/docs
  • Support for using organizations’ own catalog when using Metax API to create and update datasets (as when harvester in use)


  • Bug fix: message to publisher
  • Deleted dataset versions now shown in “Identifiers and Events” tab

Qvain Light:

  • DOI added (see relating piece of news: https://www.fairdata.fi/en/doi-in-fairdata/)
  • Issued field added
  • Download and access url now both in the UI for remote resources (before: only one, joint, url)
  • Multiple Field of Sciences (before: only one could be added)
  • Editing the metadata of datasets that are in the process of going into the Digital Preservation Service for Research Data (for certain states of the process)
  • Editing the metadata for deprecated datasets