DOI in Fairdata

Fairdata Service provides persistent identifiers and landing pages for all datasets published in Fairdata. In additon to URN identifiers, the 5th May 2020 update will introduce DOI identifier as an option to be used as a persistent identifer for Fairdata IDA datasets. DOI identifier is commonly used for research dataset references. DOI identifier makes the metadata of a reserch dataset internationally more interoperatible and adds visibility. Until now Fairdata has used URN identifier (Uniform Resource Name) managed by National Library of Finland as on only option for the persistent identifer. URN will remain as an alternative for persistent identifer.

At the moment DOI identifier is available only for new datasets which have Fairdata IDA as a data storage. DOI identifier can be obtained by using Fairdata Qvain Light to describe and publish the dataset.

Obtaining DOI identifier for already published datasets having URN identifier is not possible at the moment.

The registration of DOI identifiers for research data in Fairdata is provided by the DataCite registration agency, accredited by the International DOI Foundation.

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