Fairdata metadata tools to be unified to use single Qvain tool in November 2020

Fairdata services will move onto using a single Qvain metadata tool during the end of 2020. After this major update the current Qvain and Qvain Light tools will merge. The planned date for the update is on 3rd November 2020. With the update, only one Qvain will remain in use, based on the look and feel of the current Qvain Light tool.

Users will not be affected by the update, except for those users who have unpublished metadata stored in Qvain. These users will be contacted separately via email. The update will also automatically redirect users to the front page of new Qvain from the existing addresses.

The update seeks to preserve the features of both previous metadata tools, and we will continue to develop Qvain to better serve it’s users.

Metax-service will continue to operate normally and Metax API can still be used for metadata updates.

Any further news on this update will be available on Fairdata.fi and on Twitter @fairdata_fi