2020-11-04: Updates to Etsin, Qvain and Metax

The latest releases of Etsin, Qvain and Metax include the following changes and improvements:

Etsin ja Qvain:

  • Updated Qvain can be found at qvain.fairdata.fi
  • Texts and user interface has been updated to reflect the changes of abovementioned update
  • Mobile biew: Login-button is now always visible


  • Various bug fixes


  • Create/edit datasets -button in header now directs user straight to Qvain
  • Various bug fixes


  • POST request (in rest/files/datasest) now returns PIDs instead of URNs
  • Original dataset can now removed even if it has an unmerged draft
  • Delete() function has been renamed to Remove() funtion (in models/common)
  • Added check for deprecation of dataset before publishing from draft state
  • File format -version cannot be empty