2023-09-13: Update to IDA CLI tools

IDA’s CLI tools have been updated:

  • File uploads are now conditional such that if a file already exists at the specified target relative path and is the same size as the local file to be uploaded, no upload will occur. This enables both easy resumption of interrupted uploads as well as repeated uploads of new files in a particular folder scope.
  • An SHA-256 checksum is now generated for each file that is uploaded. The checksum is reported by the ‘info’ command.
  • Added a new ‘validate’ action which can be used to check whether local files exist in IDA and have the same size in bytes.
  • Added a new command line parameter -F for forcing upload of files regardless of whether they exist in IDA.
  • Added a new command line parameter -D for executing dry-run such that operations with side effects will be skipped while verbose output informing which operations would be executed if not a dry-run.
  • Added a new command line parameter -j for obtaining info action output formatted as JSON rather than plain text with indentation.
  • All verbose and debug statements are now output to stderr, providing clean separation from info and inventory output.
  • Refinements to configuration loading and automated tests

Updated CLI tools are deployed on Puhti and Mahti supercomputers and available for download from GitHub https://github.com/CSCfi/ida2-command-line-tools