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Link to the video about the Fairdata services in Youtube.

Hello researcher,

You are asked to provide access to data related to your research. Do you remember what your data contains and where you have stored the latest version of it? Is data, for example, on your work computer, memory stick, cloud service, or is it stored in a secure storage service?

Nowadays, both funders and the whole scientific community expect research data to be available and reusable. So what should you do as a researcher?

Fairdata services are integrated services for storing, describing and sharing research data. The services focus on the latter part of the project’s research data lifecycle, where the data are ready for storing and sharing.

The Fairdata services have 4 main components.

  • IDA is a research data storage service where data can be organized and shared. You can store files securely in IDA.
  • Qvain is a tool to create the metadata for your research dataset. The metadata makes the dataset visible and makes it possible for reuse.
  • The dataset gets a persistent identifier and a landing page in Etsin, which make sure that the metadata are accessible, even if the data are no longer available.
  • The Digital Preservation Service for Research data enables the reliable preservation of digital information for several decades or even centuries.

Fairdata Services help you to take care of your data.

The services are free of charge, provided by the Ministry of education and culture , to universities, universities of applied sciences and state research institutes. Organization representatives grant IDA storage to research projects by application.

More information at fairdata.fi.