Metax integrations and the representation of Metax datasets in explained


The description of Metax’s data model published earlier on the Fairdata network’s website has been accompanied by description of the representation of Metax data in the portal and by a description of a project where the organization brings the metadata of organisation’s datasets from their own metadata repository to Metax. These new descriptions can be used to support the organization’s Metax integration and to check that the datasets are represented correctly in portal.

“Tietojen tuottaminen” -page (only in Finnish) describes how the project to import data to Metax from organization’s own metadata repository typically proceeds through cooperation between the organization and CSC. The page describes project phasing and also introduces example tasks during the project.

Metax’s information on page (only in Finnish) describes how Metax and Qvain data fields are displayed in portal. In addition to the table, the page shows a pictorial example of how the data is displayed. The descriptive metadata of the datasets in Metax is automatically shared with portal.

The overall description of Metax’s data model gives a high level view of Metax’s data flows and describes the sets of data that can be modified via Metax API interfaces (or Qvain) or by harvesting metadata from organizations’ own metadata repositories. Data catalogue’s, catalogue record’s and research dataset’s data models are also described, and information type examples provided.