IDA Terms of Use and Use Policy will be updated 1.7.2021

The Research data storage service IDA’s Terms of Use and Use Policy will be updated. The updated Terms of Use and the Use Policy will come into effect on 1.7.2021.

The Terms of Use are updated to better describe how IDA is used as a part of the Fairdata services. The updated Terms of Use do not fundamentally alter the relationship between the users and CSC – IT Center for Science. Please note that the General Terms of Use for CSC’s Services for Research and Education also apply to IDA service.

The IDA Use Policy is updated in accordance with a document prepared after a dedicated workshop, taking into account the comments provided by the Fairdata network. The service Use Policy and related processes will be further developed as part of the Fairdata network activities.

The main updates:

Terms of Use

  • The Terms of Use have been clarified regarding the requirement to describe and publish data specifically to the Etsin Service. The requirement to describe data has stayed the same.
  • Terminology and links have been clarified and updated.

Use Policy

  • Terminology added
  • The possibility of applying for (and extending) IDA use right based on funding from the Academy of Finland or based on a direct allocation by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Minedu) has been removed to make the policy more straightforward. Existing projects that use IDA under these use rights will be primarily transferred to use IDA based on their organization affiliation. The projects that are affected by this change will be contacted by CSC during 2021. This change doesn’t require actions from users before this.
  • The policy regarding data retention has been clarified. CSC does not delete data that has been uploaded by users in accordance with the terms of use from the service without consulting the project manager or the organisation that has granted the IDA storage space.
  • Instructions for increasing the organisation’s IDA quota have been added to the document (previously appendix) and updated with regard to the processing of applications. CSC processes applications from organisations on behalf of the service owner Minedu.

The updated Terms of Use:
]The updated Use Policy (in Finnish):
The old Terms of Use and Use Policy (in Finnish):

If you have questions regarding the Terms of Use or the Use policy, please contact CSC’s customer service at