Differences between Qvain and Qvain Light

  • Qvain offers the user ALL fields that the Research Dataset Data model itself offers whereas in Qvain Light the user can edit only the most important fields.
    • If you edit the dataset in Qvain Light, the “hidden” fields you added in Qvain will remain (Qvain Light won’t empty them).
  • In Qvain Light you can only publish the dataset, no saving as draft is possible.
    • If you have drafts (datasets that are not published) in Qvain, you won’t be able to see them in Qvain Light.
    • NOTE! If you edit a published dataset in Qvain without publishing the changes (saving them only as draft) the changes are not visible in Qvain Light and editing & publishing the dataset in Qvain Light will override the (draft) changes done in Qvain.
    • NOTE ALSO! You need to log out and in again into Qvain in order to see the changes made in Qvain Light (Qvain stores datasets in its’ own memory and only reloads the changes done somewhere else when you log in).
  • Some fields are mandatory in Qvain Light but not in Qvain.
    • If you have published a dataset in Qvain and want to publish changes via Qvain Light, you will need to add the missing values for the mandatory fields.
      • Keywords
      • Publisher
  • Some fields may have multiple values in Qvain but not in Qvain Light.
    • Such fields are:
      • Curator: all curators are shown and editable also in Qvain Light but you cannot add new ones.
      • License: only one license is shown in Qvain Light although all of them are still visible in Etsin and editable in Qvain. (Note! If you have added multiple licenses, saving the dataset in Qvain Light won’t remove the “hidden” licenses. They are perfectly safe even thought you cannot see them.)
  • In Qvain Light a License URL is added by selecting a “Other (URL)” License from the drop down and then typing the URL address for the License while in Qvain the License Type (License from dropdown / License as URL) is selected before the License drop down is shown.
Feature Qvain Qvain Light
Implements the whole data model Yes To be implemented later
Save as draft Yes To be implemented later
Keywords as a reference data Yes To be implemented later
Mandatory fields that are not mandatory
in other version of Qvain
Fields that can have multiple values
in other version of Qvain
but only one value in the other
Multiple values: