Visible and Usable with Quality Metadata

Qvain is a tool to create the metadata for your research dataset. Qvain aims to keep metadata creation simple and uniform; it offers you a simple form to fill-in and save the metadata. Once you are happy with it you simply publish it and thus make it visible to others.

It is the metadata that makes the dataset visible: through it’s metadata the dataset is found and first assessed. Metadata also explains the requirements and terms of proper use and re-use of the data. The longer the life cycle of a dataset, the more important, exhaustive and lucid metadata becomes.

There are two versions of Qvain: Qvain and Qvain Light. Both can be used to describe and publish datasets but Qvain Light uses a limited format and is easier to use.

  • Qvain ( Complex multi-tab form which offers the user ALL fields that the Reasearch Dataset Data model itself offers. Needs a bit more effort than Qvain Light but offers more ways to describe a dataset.
  • Qvain Light ( Simple 1-tab form which offers all the basic and most important fields to describe a dataset. Although there are a lot less fields than in Qvain, the datasets created by Qvain Light are as official and fulfill the requirements for a quality dataset.
  • Metax API: Advanced users can create dataset metadata by using an API provided by Metax. Read more about Metax API.

No matter which version of Qvain was used the metadata gets stored in Metax metadata repository and through that made public in Etsin, the research data finder.

In addition, you can always use which ever version of Qvain to edit your published dataset (no matter with which version you created the first version).

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Qvain is organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.